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Today` s lunch

On the grill

Beef burgers

Hot line

Chicken stuffed puff pastry

Sautéed tilapia with bruschetta

Spinach, kale and pickled onions stuffed portabellas

Pasta Vodka / Veggie medley

Vegan Veggie Quinoa, falafel, avocado lime sauce bowls


Soups: Beef and cous cous / Vegan Carrot-Ginger

Dessert:  Ice cream machine


Dinner menu

On the Shaffer

Baked pasta with ricotta cheese and mozzarella

Hot line

Grilled chicken sausage sandwich

Onion rings / French fries

Veggie medley / Veggie Potstickers

Tuna Sushi / Veggie Sushi

Assorted pizzas


Soups: Beef with cous cous / Vegan Ginger Carrot

Dessert: Ice cream machine


Earlier Event: February 26
Later Event: April 14