Joining Colonial Club

Interested in joining the Colonial family and are a sophomore, junior or senior attending Princeton University? Want to take a tour of the house, talk with an officer, or attend one of our open events? Please contact our President Kimberly Peterson ( or Vice President Helena Casademunt (! Read below for more information and fill out the mailing list form at the bottom of the page to be kept in the loop! We look forward to meeting you!


Come to our annual Freshman BBQ in the spring for some great ribs, outdoor lawn games, country music, and a chance to meet our members and officers! As always, stay tuned for our always-PUID Friday parties.



Be on the lookout for invitations to our sophomore dinners and other events, which are held periodically throughout the fall! Also, make sure to tag along with a current member or friend to our Sophomore Semiformal in November!

Juniors and Seniors

Want to have the ideal eating club experience and make some great new friends before you graduate? We welcome juniors and seniors to join our community! Join Colonial in the fall (before Oct.) or spring to take part in some of our best events! 

Meal Plans, Payment Options, and Sophomore Benefits


The first round sign-in process opens on Jan. 28 at noon, and closes Feb. 3 at noon. Prospective members should visit within these dates to confirm early admission into Colonial.

If spots remain available at Colonial, second round sign-ins will begin on Feb. 11 and end Feb 17.

Prospective sophomores who choose to sign into Colonial Club will receive further correspondence throughout the following weeks. Those who sign-in during the first-round early admission process will receive invitations to exclusive events during the beginning of February.

Sophomore Dues

Spring fees are $800 and are paid after prospective members sign-in. A separate contract will be sent to you in late January or early February confirming your membership for the spring. 

At Colonial, your sophomore dues go an extremely long way. The $800 fee grants sophomore members access to:

  1. 2 meals per week + breakfast every morning + Friday dinner
  2. Access to all club facilities (study areas, movie room, game rooms, etc.)
  3. Access to all Colonial semi-formals, study breaks, and events
  4. Free admission to Houseparties/Formals in May
  5. Ability to join Colonial Investments (team of members that manages $100k of Colonial's endowment)
  6. Ability to apply for a Sophomore Officer Position (and live in the clubhouse beginning junior year)

Meal Plans for Junior Year

Meal plans for junior year are not decided until the end of sophomore year. Sophomore members will receive a membership contract for the 2018-2019 academic year during the beginning of summer. Colonial offers different meal plans and payment options to allow for flexibility in financing your club membership. Regardless of which plan is chosen, all members receive equal club privileges. 

Meal Options

  • Colonial offers several meal plans, including a full plan (19-meals/week) and reduced plan (14-meals/week). 
  • Furthermore, Colonial offers Shared Meal Plans (SMP) for club members who live in a Residential College. While Colonial has the largest number of SMPs available out of all the eating clubs (at 75, we have over three times the next highest amount), SMPs are often in high demand and are determined on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • SMPs are available for both 14- and 19- meal plans and do not carry any additional cost
  • Signing up for an SMP occurs during room draw in April
  • By University regulations, RCAs and PAAs are not eligible for SMPs. 
  • However, RCAs and PAAs are able to receive a special RCA/PAA 9-meal/week plan. The Office of the Dean of Students must verify your RCA status by emailing our club manager.

Payment Options

  • Colonial offers one-payment, two-payment, and six-payment options for full, reduced, and RCA meal plans. 
  • If you have questions or concerns regarding finances, please feel free to contact our club manager, Kathleen Galante, at

Other Information

To learn more about Colonial, our upcoming events, and our history, check out

If space in Colonial permits, those who were unable to join in Spring 2018 (after the Feb. 17 deadline) but would like to join in Fall 2018 will be able to do. Interested students should email the undergraduate president or the club manager for the 2018-2019 membership contract. 

Those who join in the Fall are still considered full members but will be unable to apply for Sophomore Officership. Furthermore, because SMPs are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis, chances of receiving an SMP are significantly lower if a prospective member does not join during Spring 2018. 


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