Mission Statement Colonial Club is dedicated to the service of not only our members, but also to the service of the youth in our community. As members of such an academic institution like Princeton, we are presented with a host of opportunities to enrich ourselves; but in our pursuit of self-development, it is easy to forget the strife of those less fortunate than ourselves. Through its engagement with underprivileged youth in our community, Colonial Club strives to enlighten them of the opportunities available to them despite the circumstances with which they struggle.

Youth Service Projects The club has hosted the Big Siblings program of Mercer County for meals and arts & crafts, an initiative which brings together young children in the county and Princeton student mentors in the pursuit of academic and social enrichment. In a similar vein, the club has brought its membership to the Princeton-Blairstown Center during Woodcutter Weekend, a time when people from around the area volunteer to help PBC get ready for winter.

Involvement on Campus In addition to our involvement with groups outside of Princeton, Colonial Club is always on the look out to work with volunteer organizations on campus. When we learned that the Relay for Life coordinators on campus wanted to host a dinner for cancer survivors from the American Cancer Society, Colonial Club was happy to oblige. Colonial also regularly helps out with planning for TruckFest, an annual event that brings together Princeton students and local community members whose proceeds go to Mercer Street Friends and Meals on Wheels to combat food insecurity in the greater New Jersey area.