Frequently Asked Questions

Is Colonial connected to the University?
The eating clubs are independent and autonomous, but they enjoy a continuing relationship with the university. Most of the architecturally distinctive clubhouses on Prospect Avenue have been in use for a century, filling an important role in the "Princeton experience.” We are unique, and no other university has anything quite like it: privately owned and operated dining facilities, some with dormitory rooms, many hosting small classes, often furnished with study carrels and computers, all providing primary social activities for a majority of university students.

How does Colonial operate?
There are non-member office, kitchen, and housekeeping staff who all play a key roll in the smooth daily operation of the Club. There are also Undergraduate Officers and a Graduate Board of Governors who meet five times each academic year to discuss and decide upon all of the business pertaining to operation, maintenance and membership issues.

How does Colonial survive financially?
There is a yearly contract fee for undergraduate members.  Aside from contracts, there are two other ways to support the club: dues and donations.  Suggested annual dues are $5 for every year since graduation.  Donations from our generous membership are always appreciated.  Contract fees, dues payments, and donations are our only means of financial support.

What are membership privileges?
Each member is entitled to chose one of three meal plan options that best suits his or her schedule and financial situation. Members are able to eat all of their chosen meals at the club, as well as bring in a limited number of guests.  All Club social activities are available to each member, which consist of activities throughout the week as well as major events such as Winter Formals, Homecoming, Houseparties weekend, Reunions and Graduation. We also offer computer/printer access, seminar space, visiting professor or other guest meals, and spaces for relaxing with friends, pool playing, and watching TV. Our Certified Executive Chef and his staff prepare three meals a day Monday through Friday with brunch and dinner being served on the weekend. All of our gala affairs are presided over by our Chef and are gourmet quality.

What is a sign-in club?
Colonial is considered a "sign-in club”, which means if you want to join Colonial, and there is space available, you may become a member simply by signing a contract and you are then required to pay your yearly contract fees.

What is Colonial's address?
40 Prospect Avenue, Princeton, NJ 08540. Note that while we are on "the Street," the actual address is Avenue.