[The Archives] Feat. Rudy the Elk

The Elk Room, the first room on the left upon entering Colonial, was not always called the Elk Room. Prior to receiving the Elk that adorns its walls, which was donated by former Graduate Board member Will Rivinus '50 in 1997, it was known as "the Green Room" for its vibrant green wallpaper.

At the time however, there was debate about whether the elk should be installed. In the spirit of democracy, it was set to a club-wide vote and decided that the elk would stay.

And the name of that elk? Rudy!

Even before being known as the Green Room, originally in the early 1900's the Elk room was the Billiards room, that is, until the members found it more suitable to move the pool tables upstairs. Today, the Elk room is primarily used for social events, the Professor Dinner Series, and Board of Governors meetings.

Read more about "The Great Elk Controversy" below in a letter from the Vice President at the time, Jeff Moriarty '97.